Taking steps to ensure your network is securely configured is not a guarantee against VoIP security threats, operators should be proactive in managing fraud threats by integrating a fraud detection tool to analyze your ongoing call traffic.

Our Session Border Controller Fraud Detection & CDR Analysis solution will analyze your Call Detail Record in near real time and, in addition, the tool will allow for customized fraud detection thresholds used as international dialing for users and groups based on legitimate calling patterns. Unusual spikes in call traffic to specific destinations will alert the customer by automated email and SNMP alerts to effectively eliminate the problems of traffic pumping fraud, PBX hacking, revenue sharing fraud, blind transfers and call forwarding fraud for VoIP providers.

Fraud DetectionControls and Analysis Include:

  • Detailed call completion reports and call signaling alarms
  • Fast access to find, view, or download individual CDRs
  • Easy to understand color coded Quality of Service reports
  • Quality of Service alarms based on twenty-two packet loss, jitter, and delay statistics
  • Call signaling alarms based on call success ratio, average call duration, and post dial delay
    • Fraud detection and alarms
    • Fraud blacklists and scoring
    • E-Mail and SNMP alarms