Threats to your unified communications infrastructure emerge almost as soon as a new system is connected to a live network or a new service is turned up. Our controls give you immediate access to the right combination of tools to shut down threats real-time and stop revenue loss resulting from a breach of security.

UC Security

  • Intrusion detection and prevention of UC networks
  • Prevention of UC denial of service
  • UC Network Access Control
  • Prevention of eavesdropping
  • Call hijacking prevention
  • Detection of vulnerable PBX & IP-phones
  • Detection of weak passwords
  • Detection of compromised devices
  • Detection of anomalous user behavior
  • Prevention of user identity theft

UC Fraud Management

  • Toll fraud prevention
  • Dial-through fraud prevention
  • PBX fraud prevention
  • Prevention of internal abuse
  • Prevention of voicemail hacking
  • Real time detection of fraud attempts
  • Fraud vulnerability assessment
  • Flexible cost-based fraud thresholds
  • Automated fraud forensics